FC Schalke 04

During the Nazi era, FC Schalke 04 did not protect its Jewish members and supporters. On the contrary – many a member of the S04 ranks profited from the deprivation of rights of the Jews. This dark past gives rise to a social obligation for the Royal Blues.
The club has been facing up to this responsibility for more than two decades now. The message: Schalke stands for humanity, integration, tolerance and diversity. The project “Searching for clues – the fate of Jews at Schalke” deals intensively with the biographies of the Jewish Schalke players. It warns that it will end in disaster if the enemies of democracy abolish its values.
The accompanying book takes you to places where players, sponsors and officials of FC Schalke 04 once lived and left their mark in the centre of Gelsenkirchen. It leads us on a royal blue tour away from the floodlights of our club. A tour focussing on the lives and suffering of the Jews of Schalke.

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Searching for clues – Jewish fates at Schalke under National Socialism | Tour
Schalke 04 was as successful in the Third Reich as Bayern Munich is today. But how did his Jewish players, officials and supporters fare? A search for traces tells the story of the district club and the exclusion, persecution and destruction of those who lived next door to it.


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